Christmas Delivery Deadlines


While the magical time of the year is approaching we want to remind you that all our items are handmade, which means it takes time to carefully make them for you. 

Our general advice is not to wait till the last minute to order your gifts - the delivery services and customs are overloaded at the holidays season so to avoid any unpleasant surprises the best practice is to place an order in October - November.

Below we listed the deadlines for ordering by destination/product category to make sure you will receive your item in time for Christmas. 

Deadlines to order newborn apparel, family apparel, and blankets

Italy - 14.12.2019

Europe - 10.12.2019

The USA and Canada - 02.12.2019

Southern America - 02.12.2019

Japan - 02.12.2019

Australia - 01.12.2019

Rest of the World - 02.12.2019


Deadlines to order giant merino wool blankets

It takes 7 - 10 days to make a blanket for you. Below are the last dates to order your super chunky blanket for Christmas.

 Italy - 06.12.2019

Europe - 02.12.2019

The USA and Canada - 29.11.2019

Southern America - 27.11.2019

Japan - 27.11.2019

Australia - 27.11.2019

Rest of the World - 29.11.2019

Missed the deadlines? 

Try to arrange express delivery by emailing us! Maybe your item still can arrive on time.