How to care for your chunky merino blanket

chunky knit merino blanket
Your beautiful and soft chunky blanket is made from the very delicate and finest wool. Merino wool is known for its fantastic stress relief quality, it is hypoallergenic and helps to fall asleep better. Its silkiness and softness can be compared with a cloud-only. That is why it is so pleasant to touch and feels so delicate on the skin.
Very important to remember - unlike other wool, giant merino wool cannot be washed, professional dry cleaning only is recommended. Below we share some simple tips that will help you to keep your "cloud of happiness" clean and good looking for years to come.
chunky merino blanket


Giant merino blanket is a little piece of contemporary art in your home so it needs to be handled gently. It needs delicate and loving care to look great and preserve its extraordinary softness. But do not worry - you won't have to do anything difficult or extraordinary!
  • Some shedding and pilling are natural - you can remove it by hand.
  • Time to time give your blanket a nice friendly shake - it will remove the dust and help the stitches get into their original shape.
  • Food and drinks look gorgeous together with the blanket on Instagram photos, but having them around besides photo styling increase the possibility to stain the blanket. So please keep your blanket away from the places where it can be easily stained. But in case there is a stain - no panic: try to clean the spot under the cold water very gently and immediately (if you wait to do so, the stain can remain).
  • Use your blanket together with natural and soft fabrics (like cotton), giant wool does not like synthetic or textured surfaces (like velvet) as they damage it.

And .. ta-da! This is it! Following these easy tips, your blanket will make your winters cozy and warm for many years to come.

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