How to choose correct size for chunky merino blankets.

For many people choosing a blanket's size will seem obvious: bed size = blanket size. If you are choosing your chunky blanket size this way - you are doing it wrong!

You can choose this way the size of a regular blanket - knitted or not. But blankets from giant merino wool are styled not like regular blanket or bed cover. That is why you should choose the size of it differently. Below we give you a few useful tips for choosing your blanket size correctly.

Are you choosing a blanket for yourself or your child?

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If you choose the giant blanket for a child, we recommend to go for photo prop size: 50x70 cm //  20x28 in.

Blanket in this size can be used for the child's bed, teepee or a reading nook. Each stitch = 10 cm, this blanket will look great just anywhere - in a contemporary nursery or playing room.

Attention: this blanket is heavy (it weighs about 1 kg) and is not recommended to use it as a bed blanket for a newborn baby - you can use it as a playing mat instead. We have a unique line of chunky newborn blankets designed with newborn babies in mind - they have crib size, weight 0,5 kg, and made in the finest wool that exists - 16 microns.  

  And when your baby turns 2-3 years old (happens too soon ;)), this blanket will be your child favorite place to be.

If you would like to get this snuggly home accessory for yourself, please keep reading!

Bed or Sofa? Or Both?

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If you want to keep your blanket in the living room for your favorite sofa, we recommend choosing a blanket in a photo prop size (50x70 cm //  20x28 in). It will add instantly add that special warm and cozy touch to your home décor — the best companion for the movie nights or reading on a cold winter day. 

If you would like to use it for both - queen | king size bed and sofa we recommend to choose the small size - 80 x 120 cm | 31.5 x 47.25in.

It will make your bed look fabulous, and it is not too big to style the sofa as well.


Ideal for Queen or King Size Bed

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To calculate the perfect size for a blanket for your bed, please see the measurements of your bed’s mattress. Then use these simple formulas.

Width = width of the mattress (+/- 20 cm on both size if you wish the blanket to go down a bit or not)

Length = length of the mattress – the length of the pillowcases

For example, you have a queen-size bed, and your mattress size is 150X200 cm | 60X80in. The perfect blanket sizes for it will be:

If you have king size bed – the mattress will measure approx. 190 X200 cm | 76 X 80 in and you should choose one of these sizes:

Instagram / Blog photo styling

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We get tons of questions about our blankets on Instagram. If you are searching for a chunky blanket to add a modern accent to your flat lays, selfies or home décor photo styling we recommend you to go for the medium size– 80X120 cm | 31.5 X 47.25 in.

ALL our Instagram images and the images of this post, we use a blanket in this size. The smaller size is great for nursery or child’s room images styling, and a blanket of medium size will look beautiful in any ambiance! This size also makes so easy to style images of any dimension.

We would love to see how our blankets look in your home! Share your images using one of our hashtags: #sofiblanket, #sofibabyshop, or tag us @sofibabyshop.


If you still have a question about giant merino blanket – feel free to leave it in a comment below.