Story of one giant merino blanket.

 To make a blanket from giant merino wool takes 2 - 3 weeks and it seems to be a very long processing time... But it all worth it! Each of our blankets has an incredible story and today we share with you behind the scenes story of their creation.

All starts with your order. As soon as we get it, Italian artisan living in the Alps mountains starts to prepare the yarn for your blanket. 

yarn artist

She lives in a sunny farm among the mountains and forests approximately 1300 m above sea level. Life there is simple and hard at the same time as a lot of modern commodities and comfort we are used to in our daily life are not available. It is like to come back in time, or almost. The owners of the farm are a young couple transferred to the mountain woods from Milan to escape from the hectic life of a big city and to live simply in harmony and union with nature.

It takes about 10 - 15 days to prepare yarn for your blanket. The process is entirely handmade and there is no any chemical treatments involved what helps to preserve the extraordinary natural qualities of the fiber.

The wool is sourced in New Zeland, hand-dyed and handspun in Italy. The yarn artist Greta uses a modern spinning wheel and vintage wool winder. She has a personal collection of antique tools used for spinning hundreds of years ago and sometimes she uses them too.

hand spinning of wool.

The quality of the fiber is the best you can find - 19 - 16 microns giant merino is so different from other giant merino fibers (21 or 23 microns)! This is the finest and highest quality wool that is perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin.

arm knitting a blanket>

Then yarn is sent to be arm knitted in a blanket. The yarn is very thick and I have to literary use my hands to knit, this way the blanket is even more soft and pleasant to snuggle in.

extreme knitting for modern homes:

Working with fiber this thick can be challenging but also extremely pleasant. I must admit that this is my favorite project type.

knitted cloud of happiness of

And ta-da! The blanket is ready to go to its new home! It will be packed with love and care and then shipped with express mail so you won't have to wait longer to get it :).

You can find your perfect chunky blanket here. 

chunky knit blanket

Each stitch = 7 cm and the final product has unmatched softness. The simple minimal aesthetic of the blanket will instantly complement any modern space and will add to your home that special cozy touch that makes cold winter days warmer and nicer. There are hundreds of ways to style it and even in the smallest size, this blanket will make a big impact. 


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Special thanks to Greta - yarn artist from @knittingrevolution for the beautiful images of her work process.