Why yarns we use are so special.

 Our handpicked yarns selection is what making SBS baby products unique and unlike any other baby store. All yarns are carefully selected and tested, we love them for their unbelievable softness, a silky surface so delicate on touch, and for the qualities listed below.

Ethically made respecting nature

 We use softest fibers, manufactured respecting nature, and fair labor ethics.  We source yarns that are 100% made in Italy or in the EU from the brands that are transparent about their production process and invest in communities they operate in.



Finest merino and best cotton: premium quality, hypoallergenic. The yarns do not itch or irritate the skin, even the most sensitive and delicate one.

Harsh chemicals free

organic merino wool
Harsh chemicals free for maximum safety and comfort. All the fibers we use to create our items are not chemically treated.

Cruelty and muesling free

The wool we use is coming from farms where animals are treated well.  


Luxuriousluxurious yarns

 Precious fibers that are gentle on the skin, won't shrink and will last.