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Why the yarns I use are so special!

Why the yarns I use are so special!


All yarns I use to create our products are carefully handpicked and are unique, some of them entirely handmade especially for your item and can't be found in an ordinary yarn store!

The yarn selection assures maximum comfort for your baby: they are 100% natural and untreated, which means they are not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to dying. They are Oeko-Tex®  certified and are particularly indicated for a sensitive baby skin. We selected them for their unbelievable softness and a silky surface so delicate on touch. 


Crisp and heavenly soft cotton produced in Europe.

Soft to the touch and with a delicate rustic feel, made from 100% combed cotton. This fiber breathes and has high absorbency which makes garments made of it cool and yet warm. It is especially good for people with sensitive skin since it does not itch or irritate. Made in EU. Oeko-Tex certificate 951032.

Recycled T-shirt yarn

We are an eco-friendly brand and use 100% recycled textile yarn made of superior quality recycled textile selvedges and remnants to create our nursery accessories: rugs, puffs, and baskets. The yarn is produced in Portugal meeting the European REACH standards for the safety of dying. The composition of the T-shirt yarn is cotton with a small percentage of elastane.



Soft and delicate chunky merino and alpaca wool blend.

This silky and soft yarn is spun with 2 strands of 65% Highland Peruvian wool and 35% superfine alpaca. The excellent yarn we use to make the winter blankets and hats that will keep your baby and you warm and comfy during chilly days. It is very gentle on the skin - does not itch or irritate. Made in Peru. 


The yarns listed below are entirely handmade in Italy. Expert highland Italian artisans prepare, handspun and dye each skein of the wool especially for your blanket! It takes 10-15 days to prepare the yarn for YOUR blanket, what makes it a little piece of art that no one else will have.


Chunky merino wool (for newborn blankets)

100% organic merino wool 16 micron - the finest wool that exists! It is the most precious, handmade and hand dyed wool with unmatched softness and silkiness. This yarn I use to knit chunky crib and bassinet blankets for newborn babies. It is more lightweight than the wool used for children's or adults arm knitted blankets and still has the beautiful chunky look. 1 stitch = 3 cm.

Giant merino wool for chunky knit blankets

handspun merino blankets at

Entirely handmade yarn, it is very precious and 100% natural fiber of extraordinary softness and quality. It poses all-natural merino wool qualities and presents them in the "bigger package". Minimal blankets and accessories from giant wool became the hottest trend all over the world lately. The weighted blankets made from this yarn have unmatched softness and coziness.