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Why yarns we use are so special.

Why yarns we use are so special.

 Our handpicked yarns selection is what making SBS baby products unique and unlike any other baby store. All yarns are carefully handpicked and tested, some of them are entirely handmade for your item and cannot be found in a normal yarn store!  We selected them for their unbelievable softness, a silky surface so delicate on touch and for the qualities listed below.

 We use only natural fibers manufactured, respecting nature.


We use Premium quality and hypoallergenic fibers  to provide maximum safety and comfort to your little one. 

The wool we use is coming from cruely-free and muesling free farms, oficially certified.


Only premium quality yarns that are precious and will last. Your baby will cherrish our blankets for years to come.


Entirely handmade yarn, it is very precious and 100% natural fiber of extraordinary softness and quality. It poses all-natural merino wool qualities and presents them in the "bigger package".

Our collections of minimal knit and crochet designs for modern families.