10 Activities That Will Help New Dad to Bond with the Baby

There are many ways you can support your husband as a new dad. Today we want to talk about ten simple activities that can help him bond with a new baby.

1. Skin to Skin time

skin to skin contact

A very simple activity that can be done any time and does not require any "experience" - just place the baby's bare chest on dad's bare chest. This method helps to release a feel-good hormone that leads to loving and bonding. And it also helps the baby's thermal and heart regulation.

2. Cuddles and Snuggles

cuddles time

Times spent together having fun is rare and so precious. You can cuddle up even after or during breastfeeding the baby! This way your husband will feel included in the most intimate mom-baby activity that will help him to bond and feel an important part of baby's life.

3. Bath time

Giving a bath to your baby is not only practical but also a fun way to spend time together! It can be a shower holding the baby or giving a warm bath to the baby in a tub. This activity helps both - baby and dad to bond, to get to know each other, and let the baby be used to daddy's touch and way to do things.

4. Babywearing

Do you have a babywearing wrap? Teach your husband to use it! It can be a great way to make him feel in a "mom skin" and will surely help to bond with a baby. 

5. Communication

This "activity" is vital in any relations, but becoming parents, it is the key for the couple to remain strong and supportive after having a child. Both of you are on new ground, both of you are learning and have difficulties, doubts, fears, etc. Talking to each other, discussing the expectations, making decisions together, or just listening to how your partner feels about certain aspects of "life with a baby" can help a lot improve your relationship and help him to bond with a new baby.

6. Specific duty just for him

Ask him if there is any " baby care duty" he would like to be solely responsable for. It can be something very simple as changing the baby for nany time, night bottle feeding, or doing one of the activities listed below. 

7. Tummy time

This is a fun time to spend together playing and bonding. Make him in charge of the baby's tummy time activities and even maybe do research about what activities are best to do. Learning more about the baby's milestones, activities and the newborn world will strengthen his confidence in being a good parent.

8. Reading books

It's never too early to read books to your littles! You can start collecting the baby's first library right after the baby's birth. It is very sweet and relaxing activity before going to bed that will help new dad to relax after day at work and will help the baby to get used to hearing dad's voice and being in his arms.  

9. Changing diapers

Changing diapers is not only about hygiene and care. It is a great way to have fun, to play, to have eye contact, smile, and talk to each other. 

10. Alone time

It can be very challenging for a new dad to have alone time with the baby for the first time. That's why we listed this activity at the end. Trying first all the activities mentioned above your husband will gain knowledge and confidence to have alone time with the baby. With time it can become a "routine" activity that you can use to have some so needed me or self-care time.