Baby sleeping schedule

When the baby is born, all parents want him to sleep well. Unfortunately, for some new moms and dads, putting baby to sleep turns out to be not an easy task. You can read more about methods to train your baby to sleep well in our article here.

But today we want to talk about how long the baby should sleep. First six weeks, the baby sleeping schedule is not regular and can vary. The more baby grows, the more their sleeping needs continually change. In our printable chart, you will find detailed indications of your baby sleeping needs for the first three years.

If your baby does not follow this schedule, try to teach him without rigid forcing. In general, there are so many misconceptions about the "right and wrong" ways to train your baby to sleep. Our general advice is: you know your baby better than anyone else. The main rule is to create a sleeping routine that will help your little one to relax and associate sleeping with pleasant emotions, not crying, and stress.


Download sleeping schedule:

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