Breastfeeding in Public with Confidence

As a new breastfeeding mom, a lot of times you will have to feed your baby on the go or in public. Not everyone feels comfortable enough to do so, and some prefer to do it in the car or in a bathroom. Our simple tips will help you to get more confident and make breastfeeding in public easier.

Keep things minimal

Bring with you only the necessary items. If you will spread around a lot of things, it can draw attention and make you feel uncomfortable. 

Get organized

Having a ready set up with few needed items in your diaper bag will help you to be ready in no time. Consider keeping burp cloths, bibs, and nursing cover in a place at your diaper bag that is easy to reach. 

Get comfy and functional clothes

Invest in several nursing bras and nursing tank tops to make your life easier. This way when you are breastfeeding in public, you won't have to fight with your clothes and will feel more confident. 

Practice at home 

Sit down in front of a mirror and practice. You will see by yourself what is showing, what needs to be adjusted and with some practice, you will feel more confident to breastfeed in public.

Pick a perfect spot

 Some public areas have space for nursing. Choosing a perfect spot look for a universal sign:

Or ask if there is an area where you can breastfeed the baby. Otherwise, you can choose a place that is comfortable for you and your baby.

Plan ahead

Think about your baby schedule and plan your "out the house" arrands choosing times when the baby does not need to be fed.

Bring help along

Having your husband, family member, or friend who can keep you a company will help you feel relaxed when you need to breastfeed in public. They can hold the baby as you prepare to feed or hand you things needed while you are nursing. They also can help you to handle the negative comments with confidence. 


We all know the benefits for baby and mother from breastfeeding, and we hope that these simple tips will help you to feel more confident and comfortable to do it in public when necessary.