Father's Day: 6 Free Printable Cards

Being a mom is not easy. But being a modern dad is not easy as well! This week Father's Day is celebrated in many countries, and today on behalf of our little ones we want to say "Thank you!" to all dads around the Globe.

 Thank you for constructing beautiful playrooms, fixing broken toys, and our bad days.


Thank you for being the best playmate, laughing at every our joke, and deeply amazed for every surprise we make.

 Thank you for going the extra mile to teach us strength, give us confidence, and make us feel special.

Thank you for being our life coach, patient teacher, an amazing chef, hairstylist when mom is away, and our biggest fan.

And thank you for making mama so happy!

Help your kids to show all the love and admiration to the most important man in your life with one of our free printable cards. We created 6 different cards to say thank you to the most romantic, pop, funny dad, and the most caring stepdad. Each card has a size for prints format 148 x105 mm, and 2 of them have space to glue a small photo or to make a drawing. 

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