Flying with a baby: What you need to know

Flying with an infant baby can be very challenging, but here are few tips that will help you to organize it with much less stress.

Booking the tickets

  • Check the regulations for flying with a baby at the airline you are booking (web site or with booking agent). Will you book the own seat for the baby? If not - make sure your ticket says "infant in a lap." Check the rules and procedures about how to add the infant to your reservation - call the reservation desk 1-2 days in advance to add a baby to your booking. 
  • Choose the seat in advance- would you like an aisle seat or near the window? For the short flights, a window seat is an excellent option as you can have extra entertainment and arm support. For the longer trips, consider booking the aisle as it will be easier to go to change the baby when needed. 
  • Choose flight time wisely. You know your baby schedule, so try to match the flight time with baby naps time. This way, the baby will sleep most of the flight. 

Security check

  • Check-in, your bag, and car seat, to have just a diaper bag or backpack with you. This way, the security check and airport time will be more comfortable as you won't have much to carry. 
  • Check the maximum capacity allowed for baby food and medicine.
  • Consider using the baby carrier for easy moving, hands-free, and faster security checks.
  • Bring with you baby birth certificate copy. Some airlines need it, some not. But just to be sure, have it with you. 

On the flight

  • Bring with you a familiar/favorite baby toy and new (surprise) toy for the times when the baby gets fussy.
  • Baby pacifiers also can be a great help when the baby starts to be nervous and cry.
  • Bring some food or feed the baby when hungry. Nursing on the plane might seem awkward but works as well as at home. 

Can be helpful

  • Pack a first aid kit in your cabin baggage to be ready for any surprise: fever meds, nasal spray, hand and face spray, rash cream, etc. 
  • Plan the day of the flight with "daddy" whether you are taking the trip together or not. This way, you can cross off some tasks from your list, and being on the same page will help to avoid a lot of stress for all the family. 
  • Pack some extras for over-night in your carry on bag. They will be super helpful for the "worst-case scenarios" when the flight is delayed, or the luggage was lost/sent to the wrong destination. 

 As you can see, flying with an infant baby is not as scary as it seems! And here is the checklist of the items you will need in cabin baggage:


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