How to Care for Your Cotton Handmade Items

Handmade products are made with love and care. Taking care of them also requires a bit of extra love and delicacy. 

The simple tips below will help you to care for your cotton handmade items to preserve their original look and softness for years to come.

  •   Your handmade items better to wash by hand. This will prevent the garment to shrink or loose their shape. 
  • Wash garments using plenty of water, and if possible, separately. Never let the garment soak.
  • Neutral soap or the soap for fine fibers is the best, but for cotton you can use any detergent you normally would use for handwash.
  • Do not use too much soap - the half of the dose you usually would use is enough.
  •  Wash dark colours separately. For items that have a color combo - stripes or color blocks, use the color catching products that you would use for machine wash.
  • Cotton has the tendency to shrink in the wash, so make sure you measure the garment before washing, in order to shape it correctly after the wash.
  • Do not use the bleach and avoid sing too much fabric softener as they can damage the fiber and cause "shabby" look. 
  • Spin garments lightly in a pillowcase, or roll them into a towel and press out the moisture.
  • Always shape the garment, and avoid putting heavy dripping items to dry. Do the step above to press out the moisture. 
  • Dry flat on the surface that does not absorbs the moisture and away from the direct sun. 


 Every item of our shop comes with a cotton bag where you will find the care instructions. But if you would like to keep these tips handy - you can download the PDF file and keep it on your phone in Notes to look when needed.

Click here to download.

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