How to Care for Your Wool Handmade Garments

All our baby blankets are made from 100% natural merino wool or merino alpaca blend. Each fiber was not superwash treated to preserve their pure natural qualities. 

That is why we recommend handwash only when you care for our wool blankets. The simple tips below will help you to preserve the original look and softness of your wool blanket after wash.

  • Wash garments separately using plenty of water. Never let the garment soak.
  •  Use only detergents that are made specifically for washing wool or a PH-neutral, dye-free soap. We recommend using half of the dose you normally would use for handwash.
  • Do not use fabric softeners, conditioners, or bleach. They will destroy the fiber. 
  • Spin garments lightly in a pillowcase, or roll them into a towel and press out the moisture. Never put heavy dripping garment to dry.
  • Shape and dry the garment on a flat surface, away from the direct sun. 


Giant Merino Wool Garments Care


Blankets from giant merino wool can be cleaned at professional dry cleaner. Detailed article about how to care for the giant wool blankets you can find here.