How to Organize Newborn Closet

In one of our previous articles, we were talking about how to arrange the baby nursery and what clothes to buy for your baby's arrival. Today we want to dive deeper and give a few tips to create and organize your baby closet. 

Storage options.

baby closet

To get the most from your closet, you will need to install some storage options. They can be build-in or hanging storage solutions, depending on the budget and if you consider staying in your house permanently. Build-ins are usually more expensive and time-consuming options while hanging shelves are more budget-friendly and can be removed later on. Another way to organize storage is to add a portable dresser, cube storage, or wire-rack shelving.



 Other handy items to organize your baby closet are:

  • baby sized hangers
  • baby closet dividers 
  • stackable storage bins - they are extra helpful to store clothes of next size
  • over the door organizer for shoes or small accessories

You can group the clothing by type and organize them by season and size. You can keep all next season clothes in a separate storage unit. Don't forget about labels! This storage solution will help you to save time and is easy to implement. You may start doing it while pregnant, so when the baby will arrive you will be all set. 

 Don't have a baby closet?

For a small nursery, you may have no space to place the closet and will have to find creative ways to store baby closes without it. Sounds unbelievable, but yes - it is possible:

  • Use changing table drawers to store the baby clothes
  • Install the rail under shelves or use the corner clothes hanging rod to hang the baby clothes 
  • Hang the clothes around the nursery using cord and pegs 
  • Transform an old bookcase in the baby closet - it will occupy less space and still give you plenty of storage solutions.