How to Prepare for Maternity and Newbrn Photo Shoot

Even if you are convinced to be a non-in-front-of-the-camera person, trust us - you need a professional photo session to celebrate memories of your motherhood! 

You become a mom on the day of the pregnancy test result comes in. Nine months and first year with a newborn baby seems like a long time, but these precious moments of life last blink of an eye. Before you can even think about it, your baby is all grown up already! And you might have outstanding photography skills. Still, phone and professional camera photos are two different things. And done by a true professional, the photo session itself is a beautiful experience you will remember and enjoy. 

Here a few tips on how to prepare for your maternity and newborn photoshoot.

When and where to search for your ideal photographer


The sooner, the better! Some photographers are booked 3-6 months in advance. To avoid big disappointment is better to start looking around for a photographer as soon as your pregnancy test is positive. You can do your research in three ways:

  • on Instagram using local hashtags like #nymaternityphotographer, #nashvillenewbornphotographer, or hashtags that reflect a photographer style: #naturallightphotography, #maternityphotographer, #organicnewborn, etc. 
  • asking recommendations to your friends or
  • looking at which photographers your favorite mama influencer worked with for her photo session (usually, you can find this info in posts tags or capture) 

When you've found the photographer whose work resonates with you, send an email to inquire about booking a session. 


Questions to ask

 No questions are silly to ask! The better you know what to expect and how the session will be organized, the more relaxed you will be, and it will show up on the pictures. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Can you book maternity and newborn photo sessions as a package to have a better price?
  • When do you need to book each of them? Give your due date, so the photographer has a better idea about the best times for you.
  • What is included in the service fee?
  • What is not included in the service fee but can be arranged on demand? For example, hairstylist, and makeup are two essential ingredients for stunning photos. Some photographers have them included, some of them arrange them on demand for an extra fee, and in some cases, you need to arrange this part by yourself.
  • Are the gowns and accessories are included in the fee, or you need /can bring your own outfits? 
  • What about the new dad's and siblings' outfits? Usually, the photographers have a beautiful wardrobe for future mamas and children, but if you want those breathtaking images together, you need to ask about all family members' looks. Maybe you will need or prefer to bring your outfits for your children and dress up your partner.
  • Ask for an appointment to prepare for the photoshoot and about payment.
  • What if the baby is born before / after the date scheduled? Will it be possible to "move" the dates and how it can be arranged.

 The answers to some of them may be already listed on the photographer's web site, so look well the information that is already there before shooting an email. For sure you will have more questions than listed above, ask them ALL.

Preparing for the photoshoot

Discuss with your partner what questions he has about the service. Make a mood board using Pinterest or Instagram's save feature for your favorite poses, lights, and images. You can show it to him to speak about what pictures you want to make and to know his thoughts and ideas about the photoshoot. It would also be useful to discuss the logistics - transportation, things to buy, and anything else that must be arranged. For example, if the hair and makeup service is not provided, you might need to find someone to do this or to do this on your own. Try to schedule all the preparations in advance to have a day before free from running around to do the last preparations. 

The day before

The day before the photo shoot is like a day before the wedding. Dedicate it to pampering yourself and rest! Go to make a manicure, read your favorite book, do anything that makes your soul happy. To sleep well is also a big plus. When you are relaxed and happy, it brings your inner light on every photo. No poses or photographer work can fix that or bring to life.

We hope that our post will help you to organize your maternity and newborn photoshoots with ease. These memories are so precious! You can use the prints from your maternity session to decorate your home or your baby nursery to show all the love you already have for the life growing inside and make your baby feel special, welcome, and so waited for.