Introducing Baby To The World: Rules, Tips + 3 Birth Announcement Cards Printables

For every mama and daddy introducing their just born angel to the world is one of the most exciting moments in life. Today we want to share some cute ideas to inspire you and help you to make this precious moment less stressful.

It's a great idea to think about how you want to introduce baby to the world and discuss it with your partner before the baby is born and agree on how you will do it. Here are the main two aspects to consider.

Baby birth announcement.

  • Introduce your new baby to the world in a personalized coming home outfit!
  • Use wooden props with the baby name or "Hello World" sign.
  • Use an onesie with e cute print.
  • Use a photo with a letter board.
  • Use baby announcement cards to spread the word! 

Organizing visiting a new baby

To make first visits a joy, not stress discuss with your partner your preferences about:

  • whom you want to come to visit in the hospital and whom you want to invite to visit at home 
  • do you want people to visit after one week you are back home or more, so you can adjust to a new life
  • the rules for the visitors and how/if to share them with the potential visitors


Etiquette for visiting a newborn baby

If you are a relative or a friend visiting a new baby and new parents, keep in mind that new mom and dad are exhausted and most likely overwhelmed. Whether you pay a visit to a new baby at home or hospital, there are few rules to follow:

  • Always schedule the time for the visit.
  • Never come sick or recovering from being sick.
  • Don't come empty-handed (bring a small gift with you).
  • Wash your hands.
  • Don't kiss the baby.
  • Don't post announcements on social media.
  • Don't take pictures of the baby without asking for permission.
  • Don't smell like smoke or strong perfume.
  • Give compliments instead of unsolicited advice.
  • Keep it short unless you came to help.
  • If the baby needs to be fed, leave the room or don't stare.
  • Don't forget to congratulate the new dad and siblings with a new family member.


  We prepared three free printable cards to help you to organize this exciting birth announcement card

1. first card - a birth announcement that you can post or send to your friends and family (double sided as a post card).

2. second card has a birth announcement and invitation for the first visit on the other side (double sided as a post card).

3. third card has photos collage if you want to include more than one image of your little angel (one side template).

You can edit images and texts of all of them in Canva with free account (no premium membership is required) in just few minutes:

  • Open the template clicking on link below
  • Click on "Downloads" and upload the photo(s) you want to include in the card
  • Edit texts
  • Then on the top right corner click on Download button, choose PDF printing, select pages you want to upload and save them on your computer.

If you want to send the card via email without printing - save it in png format as an image and insert it in your email's body.

Grab the free cards templates here.