Meal Planning Tool Kit + Free Printable

meal planning kit

Our meal planning kit is a simple solution that will help you to make a weekly menu for your family in 10 minutes. 

To set it up, you will spend more time of course. But then, week after week, you will save so much time and sanity planning your meals and doing your grocery shopping list. Saving time on this task will allow you to have more time to spend with your family or doing what makes you happy.

meal plan

The summary of my personal approach to meals planning are these 3 steps:

1. Set up your meal planner help in Excel file (the sample sheet is included).

2. Print two copies of the meal planner (PDF file). In the first copy list the food categories for every meal of the week creating a sort of "routine".

3. In the second copy of the Meal Plan instead of food categories write the favorite dishes you listed under it in the Excel file. 

All meals planning benefits and how to use this tool kit you can see in the blog article here.  


Upload the meal planning helper Excel file.

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Upload the Meal Planner PDF.

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