On vacay with a baby: Tips + Free Printable

Going on the first vacation with your little peanut is very exciting, but can be very overwhelming! Today we want to give you some ideas that will make your vacation planning less stressful and provide you with a checklist you can fill in, and then print or save on your devices. Make it once, and use for every vacation or family weekend getaway.

 Choose a location

Would you like to stay close to where you live? Would you like to stay with relatives? Would you like to spend a vacation at the sea, in the city or in the mountains? The location is the most important part to start with as it will have a huge impact on everything else you will have to plan, choose, arrange for the trip.

  • Choose when and for how long you want to go on vacation

Discuss with your partner and choose the best dates for your vacation. Make sure you  have enough time to make all the arrangements necessary.

  • Set a budget for your trip

It will help to make decisions faster and to avoid the headaches before, during, and after your vacation.

  • Choose transportation to the location

 Depending on how distant is location, choose the means of transportation you can use to get there. 

  • Get information about legal requirements

Documents for baby, permissions, and requirements, and rules.

  • Choose the type of accommodation and place to stay

Decide whether you want to stay in an apartment, hotel, or residence. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the accommodation that will suit your needs most. Choose family-friendly hotels and places so you can take less stuff with you and have more things to do.

See if you can combine transportation and accommodation to reduce costs. Getting the help of travel agencies may seem more costly than doing it on your own, but consider time, safety and serenity they will save you, plus often they have great deals that will save your money too!

  •  Consider the baby gear you will need to bring

What from your baby gear you will need, what you will not need, and how you can simplify it. The options to choose from will depend on the means of transportation and accommodation you've chosen before. Plus consider if you would like to go around a lot during vacation or spend quiet time.

  • Baby things to pack to consider

    • Stroller
    • Car Seat
    • Baby Carrier
    • Diapers / Wipes
    • Clothing & toys
    • Medicines or Foods that are essentials
  • Find family-friendly activities you can do during your vacation

See in advance where you can go, how you can arrange your day, what interesting places to visit in the surroundings. This may help you to decide what clothing and gear you will need with you and make the wait for vacation more exciting.

 Overall traveling with a baby or toddler doesn’t have to be stressful, it just takes planning. Grab our free packing checklist to print and plan your vacation like a pro!

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