Post-partum Must Haves

Post-partum is a very delicate period for every new mom. It's often underestimated and "shadowbanned" by all the new things you need to do and learn to keep your tiny human alive. Postpartum recovery can be painful and messy, take it slowly and give your body time to heal.

Preparing your post-partum care kit before the baby arrives can be a life savior for you after giving birth! We prepare for you a handy checklist with items you might need to care for your body after birth. We divided it into two sections: healing and caring. 



This part is dedicated to products that will help you to take care of your body after giving birth like pads, tucks, pain relieves, etc. You can prepare a basket or box to store these items. We give you just suggestions about what kind of products to look for. You can ask your doctor for advice on particular products to prepare ahead. 




This part is dedicated to your self-care - physical and spiritual. You will not have much time for yourself during the first weeks with a newborn. Very often overwhelm, tiredness, and feeling down due the sleepless nights will make you feel down. And your mental health is not less important than the physical one. Don't neglect it!

We suggest preparing a little (or not) "Self-love "basket with your favorite skin and bath products, oils, scented candles, soft hand towels, a playlist with your favorite music, and dry petals to create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom in just a few minutes. Think of a little ritual you can have at least 30 minutes a week on the days when you have help with the baby. Besides self-care, you can also add journaling to your new "me-time ritual". Discuss it with your partner. Explain how important this is for you and your future parenting life. Maybe he will think about his "getaways" - dinner out the house with colleagues and friends time to time, practicing sports, etc - new dad also needs to have the tools to handle and adjust to a new life as a parent.  

Creating a relaxing space at home will help you to recharge, quickly recover, and feel positive about the transition to a new mom's life. Just seeing your "happy basket" passing by in the bathroom during the day will give you extra power on a long day as it'll remind you about the small "escape" you can have at the end of (or during) the week. 


Grab the checklist:

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