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SofiBabyShop is an online store of Italian artisan, knit and crochet designer Olga Zhudro and home of dreamy soft blankets, hats and contemporary nursery décor for modern littles and their families.

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My name is Olga. I am a mom of 3, minimalist and designer. The shop is named after my daughter Sofia - she was the reason why I picked up crochet and knitted needles and ... never stopped using them ever since. 

 I love the beauty of simplicity and use only premium quality yarns. I want every home to be a cozy, warm and happy place to live and to grow up in. With this dream in mind, my chunky blankets and blankets from giant merino wool are created. I call them THE CLOUDS OF HAPPINESS because this is what they really are

Every item is entirely handmade in Italy, in my sunny studio with lots of love and care to even the smallest detail.

What inspires me?

My kids, nature, dancing, cinema, photography and the sea... I design my seasonal collections at the seaside - love to come at the beach at 6 am with my album, pencils and sometimes the laptop to work in quietness and peace, enjoying just awaken sun and whispering of waves. 
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   My children are not only my daily joy and inspiration but also my "testing team" - they like to watch me working and whatever I design, they always ask to make it for them first. This gave me an opportunity to test many many yarns in daily use, see if they are "baby liked" and durable before they were selected for my shop's product line.
SofiBabyShop is my "4th baby", passion, love, self-expression and my winning over the time - even though my own kids grow up (too quickly!) I am still knitting and crocheting for newborns every day.

Handmade in Italy, loved worldwide.

We ship worldwide. This is our little customers' map that is continue to grow:

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