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Hello, I am Olia. I am a mom to 3, Italian artisan, knit and crochet designer. I help new mamas to create a cozy modern nursery filled with care, love and sweetest dreams.


I believe in beauty of simple things and in importance of the "little things". At the end, life is this - little moments we want to remember.
SofìBabyShop handmade baby blankets and apparel will be beautiful testimonials of your most precious life's memories about you and your family. They will remind about that lovely morning snuggles, cuddles and smiles together with your newborn and will warm your heart when your child will be "not so little any more". 


Becoming a mom starts long before the baby is born! It is a road full of ups and downs, uncertainties and joy, overwhelm and discovering. I want to help you to bond with the life growing inside, to make your baby feel special and to show all the love you already feel for the person you haven't met yet. 


I learned to knit and crochet from my aunt when I was a teenager, but it did not become my passion until the time I was expecting my first child - Sofia. Preparing everything for her arrival among old things of my husband I found a crochet blanket made for him by his grandmother. I decided to make myself a blanket like this for my baby – unique and special, impossible to find elsewhere, and made for HER, filled with the warmth of my hands and so much love to a person I could not wait to meet. That is why I called my shop Sofì. After the twin boys were born, I was asked so many times to make a blanket or a hat for babies of my friends that thought it would be nice to help all new moms who like handmade products but can not knit or crochet, still be able to have those beautiful items at home. With this idea in mind, I opened a shop on Etsy, and my creative journey began.


My designs are developed to be timeless and create boundaries between family generations, to last and communicate the warmth of happy memories being in mother’s arms through time. Every blanket or garment is made especially for you and for your baby with love, care and attention to even the smallest detail. 

Being allergic to all synthetic and any natural “hairy” fibers that irritate I know on “my own skin” the importance of softness, good quality and organic nature of the fiber for the little ones, who have very delicate skin.

I call my blankets "clouds of happiness", because this is what they really are! It took me years of "search and try" to source the yarns that are the best for newborn baby and feel like second baby skin. You can find detailed information about the yarns I use here.

As every mama I want our children to grow and live in a better world. All products are packaged in natural cotton bags handmade by me. They can be used as laundry/storage or keepsake bag. This is my personal little contribution to life on the planet with more trees and less plastic. 

It all started on Etsy and at the end of 2018 SofiBabyShop finally got its own space online. Up to this time, my creations found a new home in 11 countries and in 21 states of the USA. Above you can see my little "customers map" - it continues to expand and I make "happy dance" every time I add to it a new destination :). I feel myself so lucky to do what I love: it’s like being able to win over the time – my own children are growing (too fast!) but I am still able to create something special for little babies every day. 

When don’t work on designing, sketching, yarn testing and making beautiful things for you, I can be found reading a book in the park or at the beach, pillow fighting or cuddling with my 3 kiddos, scooting around with my twins, practicing yoga and HIIT, writing article for my blog or choosing the destination for the next dream travel. The things I can’t image my life without are music, dancing, poetry and cinema. White and coffee addict.

I will be happy to welcome you to our little community. Check out our free Mom Library that was opened in 2020 to give you extra support on the motherhood journey during these difficult times. Every Wednesday morning (Rome time) you will find there a new helpful article. 

I want make knitting and crocheting more easy and fun, and hope to see more people ejoying proudly making beautiful things by themselves. Check my personal Blog for modern mama-makers. Besides the diaries of not perfect creative mama, it has free beginner-friendly Learn section  that is filled with tips, free patterns, new videos and tutorials on a monthly basis. 

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