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Welcome to SofiBabyShop - online store of Italian artisan, knit and crochet designer Olga Zhudro.

SBS is a home of minimal and dreamy soft blankets, hats and nursery décor for modern littles and their families. Every item is hand knitted or crocheted especially for you with love, care and attention to even smallest details.

Hello, I am Olga. Mom of 1+2, minimalist, designer, homebody, and yogi.

The shop is named after my older daughter Sofia because it all started when I was expecting her to be born. I love the beauty of nature and simplicity, and wanted to create for her “little nest” something special, organic and simple,  something that was impossible to find elsewhere… This was the moment when I discovered that creating for children is much more than just a hobby or passion for me. 

What can I say?! Since then I don’t stop to knit and crochet ...


People call my blankets "clouds of happiness" because … this is what they really are! SBS chunky blankets are dreamy soft and they will bring special warmth and coziness to any home, to any family. 


Being allergic to all synthetic and “hairy” fibers that itch I know on “my own skin” the importance of softness, good quality and organic nature of the fiber for the little ones, who have very delicate skin. After years of research, trial and error I ‘ve chosen the best yarns – 100% natural, GOTS certified, safe for newborns and chemicals free. You can find detailed information about yarns I use here.

As every mama I want our children to grow and live in a better world. All products are packaged in natural cotton bags handmade by me. They can be used as laundry/storage or keepsake bag and add that luxury “handmade especially for YOU” touch to the item if you order it as a present.

My personal little contribution to the life on the planet with more trees and less plastic.

I feel myself so blessed and lucky, it’s like winning over the time – my own little girl and twin boys are growing (too fast!) but I am still able to create something special for little babies every day. Up to 2018, my creations found a new home in 11 countries and in 21 states of the USA. At the end of this page, you can see my little "customers map" - it continues to expand and I make "happy dance" every time I add to it a new destination :).

We will be happy to welcome you to our little community on Instagram! Follow SBS on Instagram @sofibabyshop and @olga_zhudro to say hello, be inspired, see what we are up to and much more. 

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