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Cooperation on Social Media

 We are always happy to collaborate with moms and dads active on social media channels or bloggers. Unlike big industrial brands, we do not make sponsored posts and prefer to create a community with the help of people who genuinely like our products.

At the moment we have this collaboration promo active:

Share a picture or video of our products in use in Stories or posts on Instagram /Facebook, and we will DM  you a personal 20% discount code for your next purchase. 

We are working on new collaboration programs to offer to you in 2020! 

Our Brand Ambassadors program launched this season got so much support and so many requests to participate that we decided to extend it and to create new interesting collaboration offers for new moms, bloggers and influencers.

Want to be notified when new collaboration programs will be live?

 We want to create deep connections and nice community together!  Sign up to our waiting list above to be notified about new collaboration possibilities as soon as they will be available (2 days before they will be officially announced on our social media). Watch our IGTV videos (in English and Italian languages) to learn more about upcoming collaborations projects here.


 Designed together sifiblanket

A lot of modern businesses, including this shop, were created when a mom needed a specific product that was not on the market yet. We want to give an opportunity for creative mamas who do not knit or crochet to realize a particular product they have in mind. If you have an interesting product idea and would like to promote it via your social channels (Instagram and YouTube), please feel free to contact us to get more details and to apply to participate in the program.

Cooperation with small businesses and shops

We believe that collaboration is better and more powerful than the competition. SofiBabyShop will be happy to cooperate with other small businesses, online and off-line baby shops and concept stores worldwide. If you are interested in cooperate with our shop, please email us at  

Wholesale | Reselling

All our products are entirely handmade and produced in limited quantities. That is why we do not offer wholesale and reselling at the moment. But we will be happy to organize #sofidays in your online or off-line baby shop. Please send us an inquiry to for more details.