Designed together

How this project came to life

A lot of modern businesses, including this shop, were created when a mom needed a specific product that was not on the market yet. We wanted to help creative mamas to realize the particular product they have in mind if they do not knit or crochet.  

@sofibabyshop - our project "designed together"

Internet gave us an opportunity to connect and meet with interesting and like-minded people from any part of the world. Some of these online friendships go offline or result in extraordinary collaborations. Marie Cathrin is a mama blogger from Germany-Swiss. She was my font of inspiration since the first days on Instagram, and she became the SBS brand Ambassador at the end of 2018. 

Designed with newborn babies in mind

Our blankets capsule collection designed for all who love minimalism and simple style of super chunky blankets, but it was created with newborn babies in mind.

Regular knit giant yarn blanket is too heavy for newborns (depending on the size of the blanket the weight might vary from 1 to 4 kg!) so we designed a line of baby blankets that were much more lightweight, newborn baby friendly, and still had those beautiful modern big knit/crochet stitches. The collection consists of two knitted and one crocheted blanket. You can see their images and more detailed info here.

 Want to participate in this project?

SBS will be glad to collaborate with mamas-bloggers and moms active on social media. If you have a particular product idea in mind and think that we will be a good match, please feel free to contact us to get more details about the project and apply to participate in the program. 

At the moment we make one collaboration a season, and the product created together will be a part of our upcoming season collection. Now we accept the applications for November-December collaborations.